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Our Mission

CHAP is a grassroots, all-volunteer group that seeks to end homelessness in Claremont by advocating for and suppoting homeless adult individuals within the community. CHAP provides a variety of services to the 50-plus homeless adults who reside in Claremont, as well as those at risk of becoming homeless, but its primary goal is to secure sutainable housing for these individuals. The first step in accomplishing this goal is to match up all of the individuals ("participants") seeking aid from CHAP with two volunteer mentors ("advocates"). Advocates, who meet with their participants at least once a week but are available 24/7 for emergencies, provide individualized practical support to address the specific issues that prevent participants from having homes of their own.


  • To literally end homelessness for as many of Claremont’s homeless as possible.

  • To do more than provide Claremont’s homeless population with temporary, “band-aid solutions,” e.g., a meal, shower, hotel voucher or cash handout.

  • We define “ending homelessness” as securing a sustainable source of housing for the formerly homeless individual. Other services are available locally, but accessing them is difficult. Many homeless people have no idea what is available or whom to contact. Usually they are left to navigate the maze by themselves.

  • To connect each identified homeless person (or Participant) in Claremont with a pair of homeless Advocates. The Advocates are trained to guide and support the Participant through the process of attaining services and helping Participants ultimately to secure affordable, sustainable housing.

  • History

    CHAP's history from past to present.

    • July 2013

      CHAP is founded

      Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program (CHAP) established to provide life-supporting assistance to those interested in doing the work necessary to receive financial and other.

    • January 2014


      Overnight Program launched to provide a safe place to sleep and an opportunity for participants to establish productive, sustainable and mutually supportive relationships.

    • February 2014


      Food Working Group established. Its mission is to provide nutritious meals for CHAP participants who otherwise cannot meet their basic food needs.

    • May 2014


      Housing Working Group established with the mission of securing affordable, sustainable housing in the greater Claremont area to support ten to twelve CHAP participants.

    • May 2014


      First CHAP Café started. It offers regularly scheduled hot meals for CHAP participants another opportunity for them to work together to build a productive, sustainable community.

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    Our Amazing Team

    CHAP at the Walk For The Hungry.

    CHAP provides a variety of ways for Claremont and surrounding community residents to get to know some neighbors who otherwise might not be made to feel a part of this wonderful Claremont community.